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How to Build A Gaming Computer
For Under $1000

All custom gaming computers that exist will have different requirements. If you build a gaming pc, it's going to be built with all the requirements you want and need. No matter how many or how big the requirements are, it is essential that you know what is needed in order fully realize its potential or to just simply make it work properly. Any gaming system will require several important parts.

This idea is especially true in custom gaming computers. In in order to fully realize it's potential, you must have peripherals such as gaming keyboards and gaming mice to fully control all the functions that you have installed on your system.

Compatibility will also have a major role to play as far as your computers requirements. This is very important simply because some games require a high resolution monitor in order to be viewed as they are intended to be. For instance, the video resolution of a program may differ according to the monitor that a gamer may use. The gamer should know which monitors will display the video properly.

As you build your gaming pc you don't want to settle for minimum requirements. All gaming programs are developed with the highest technology available at the time. If you build with minimun requirements, your system may soon be incompatible with newer more advanced games. At that time you'll have to upgrade to keep pace with the constantly prgressing gaming industry. So for the best posible gaming experince for the longest possible time, don't settle for minimum requirements.




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There are some basic components that all computers must have to function properly. When you build a custom gaming computer you will have to give each and every one of them special consideration. Those basic components you must consider are:



The central printed circuit board (PCB) in the computer is called the motherboard iconand it holds most of the crucial components of the computer system. The motherboard also provides connectors for the other peripherals. The motherboard iconis sometimes called the main board or system board and on Apple computers it's called the logic board. It is also sometimes casually shortened to mobo.



The speed of the processor iconis one of the most crucial of your systems requirements. The newer more advanced games will require your gaming pc to have a processor that is capable of very high speed processing. The processor speed will determine how fast your computer will act or execute decisions. Since, games are all executable programs, the speed of the processor is very important. Processor speed is measured in units of megahertz (MHz) and gigahertz (GHz). The units of megahertz are smaller units than gigahertz. More precisely, one gigahertz is equal to one thousand megahertz. All gaming computers these days are rated in gigahertz. High-speed processors can run any game equal to its speed and lower but a slower processor iconmay not run games with higher speed requirements.



Random Access Memory (RAM)

This is commonly known as the internal memory or plainly
memoryicon of the computer. This memory helps store some data immediately needed and accessed by the processor. Most of the computers available in the consumer market have a set amount of  RAMicon. Most gaming computers will require extra RAMicon. However, there are some game programs that will require much higher RAM. This is not something to worry about because RAM can be upgraded with higher memoryicon capacity.



This stands for Video Read Access Memory. The ability of your gaming PC to display high resolution games depends on the VRAM. This memory works with the
video card. Video cards are like processors however it is only focused on feeding the monitor with visual commands. The VRAM is a temporary memory that saves all graphical information that will be later on fed to the video card iconand the processor.


Disc Capacity

Refers to the capacity of the hard drive iconto store files and information. Disc space is also measured and uses units measured in gigabytes (GB). Just like the VRAM and the RAM. The higher the disc space, the more games that you can store and play on your gaming computer. Like the RAM, your computers hard drive iconcapacity may also be upgraded.


CD-ROM - Drive Speed

Not all the games that are installed in your pc may no longer require a disc. Most game companies upgrade computer game programs using discs. This are later added in the game specs by means of reinstalling it in the computer. The faster the CD-ROM iconis the faster the installation will be. Every now and then, you will use the CD-ROM not just in playing games but also in ensuring copyright protection and the like. Just like other requirements, the CD-ROM iconspeed can perform its duty well to game programs that has equal speed requirement or slower. 




 As You Build a Gaming Computer You'll also want to consider the many other PC Gaming Accessories iconarrow